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Whether you’re buying for the first or 10th time, our real estate specialists are here to help you find your perfect home in the neighborhood you love. This includes working with you if you are purchasing a brand new home from a builder.  The builder's requirement is that we must accompany and register you upon your first visit.  Having worked for Toll Brothers at Morgan Hill, Wathan Castanos at Marina, KB Homes at Berryessa  and LandSea at Sunnyvale, we know how to work with the Sales Team and how to negotiate for more. We were even able to negotiate for all of the Van Daele's model homes' furnishings for our client!

The first thing we do with our buyers is listen:

We ask about you, your goals for your home and your lifestyle needs. We then leverage our extensive knowledge area and each of its unique neighborhoods--to help you choose the home that’s right for you. 

    • First-time buyers, we remember the thrill and apprehension of buying our first property, a condo in Waikiki after college.  We work closely with you, explain the process, make recommendations and walk with you during the entire process until you turn the key to your new place as a home owner.


Our agents help you navigate the process of writing an offer, submitting your earnest deposit check; negotiating price and terms, recommending and ordering  inspections, negotiating repairs,  working with your lender during appraisals; re-negotiating final points, removing financing and property contingencies and closing the sale. Because there are so many moving parts, all under the contractual "time is of the essence" and undoubtedly one of the most expensive purchases of your life, we understand stress can be at an all time high. We eliminate surprises and counsel you along the way so that purchasing a property is a pleasant experience.  With over 20 years of experience with a wide variety of properties, we are creative problem solvers and anticipate and potential problems and discuss up front to dispel any worries or any unnecessary exposure to risk. Because we also understand that at some point you will sell to buy again, we help you carefully consider properties that we will be representing you in the future to sell. We live by the golden rule.


The more we know about your wants and needs, when you work with us, you will:

  • Find your dream home faster - usually within the first 5 properties

  • Have access to current market statistics and trends that help you make more informed decisions

  • Understand the terminology, documentation, legalities and procedures involved in the purchasing transaction

  • Have an experienced and knowledgeable negotiator on your side who advocates for you throughout the entire process

  • Once we begin the process, please refrain from purchasing any large ticket items (cars, etc) prior to closing as lenders typically pull one last credit check prior to closing

  • During "sign off" - signing lenders' paperwork at the title company, either bring in the final cashiers check or have the funds wired that same day.   The close of escrow normally takes place once all paperwork is recorded at the recorders' office - 2 days later unless a "special" is needed and available.

  • Late close of escrows normally penalize the party that fails to perform at a per diem cost.

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  • Develop a pricing strategy that will get you the most proceeds for your property in the most reasonable amount of time.

  • We’ll discuss our comparative market analysis, the nuances other "estimates" may have missed and the reasonable selling range.

  • When you work with us you will get an honest, fair price range opinion. With 20+ years of experience of successfully selling properties, we’ll get you to your next property with the most money in your pocket.

  • We strongly recommend and can refer stagers, photographers, inspectors, title companies, escrow officers, lenders, pool & spa, well, foundation, roof, termite, septic and hvac (heating and air conditioning) inspectors and soils engineers if necessary.  Normally you can either pay each contractor at the time of their service, or if billed to escrow, there is usually an additional fee.  We do not receive any type of compensation nor items of value for any of our referrals.

  • We ask that you secure any valuable articles, paperwork and medications prior to any open houses.

  • We also ask that you refrain from being at the property during open houses.  

  • We will call you immediately once the open house has ended with feedback.

  • If there is consistently no activity, we agree there will be a price adjustment to prevent wasting marketing materials, energy,  time and expectations on any property that is over-priced or will obviously fail to appraise.

  • We expect all animals to be removed during open house

  • Should their be any odors, we will ask they be eliminated prior to showings and open houses.

  • We will ask to reduce overgrown tree foliage, shrubs, root systems that may affect the home during rains or strong winds or its foundations including sidewalks or walking hazards (uneven pavement, etc). 

  • Pools should have gates for safety - check with your city/county regarding rules/ordinances in place

  • Be prepared to have areas free of clutter for inspectors, including attics and garages.
  • Rule of thumb for sellers:  disclose, disclose, disclose 
  • Relax and let us guide you throughout the entire process
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