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Know your NAICS?

One of my passions as a business consultant (DiResta Consulting Group, Inc is the parent corporation of Morgan Hill Real Estate and HICARE BROKER), is to help solve/improve others' businesses. The other is to assist new entrepreneurs identify their areas of passion. This was actually birthed while I was an R.A. (Resident Advisor) at CU-Boulder, when one of my professors approached me and said that a resident/friend on my floor had written a paper stating I had a major influence on her.

We are currently working with an Escape Room Business and needed to know their NAICS in developing their business description as well as other operational suggestions.

NAICS = North American Industry Classification System.

Since an Escape Room Business didn't quite fit into several different classifications we researched, we requested assistance in defining the business properly.

We strive to continue to bring added value to the table at all phases of your real estate transactions.

We are here to serve.

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