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Manresa, Los Gatos for the first time-Michelin 3-Stars

It’s EVERYTHING and more!

My Chef daughter and my excitement matched the excitement and anticipation that we had while in New York preparing to try Gramercy Tavern.

Manresa did not disappoint.

From the warm yet highly professional welcome to the bar seating and being welcomed by Greg, the Bar Manager, we thumbed through their 44 page bar menu.

Brooke chose a cocktail while I asked the the wine menu. When I couldn’t decide, Jim, the Master Sommlier came over and helped me choose a rose.

The platings began and the presentation as well as the collection of flavors astounded us as each dish was presented. Every dish became our favorite until the next one arrived.

Each member of the team served us and thankfully I had read their bio before going so I knew a little about them and was astounded by their stories, experience, passion and caliber. I knew it would be a next level dining experience.

We met their team as each served us a new plate- Jim, Jenny, Shea, Mary, Chris, John and Greg.

We then toured the kitchen and met Chef Nicholas and his hard working Chefs including Chef Dylan, my daughter’s boyfriend, a New Jersey transplant.

We met a new friend, “Apple Eric”, and enjoyed his other restaurant recommendations in different cities.

An unforgettable, delightful evening!

Thank You Manresa Team!

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