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My Children, Your Children


If you were like me, continually watching the news, believing "trusted" mainstream media (MSM) sources like Reuters, CNN, FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS, think again. The channels are highly biased and are not truthful in their reporting. Are they showing random attacks at high schools, subway beatings, beatings at malls, cannabalism in Haiti?

In February/March 2023 I became active on the platform Twitter, now 𝕏 after @ElonMusk took over. As I began engaging more and more on 𝕏 I realized I could no longer trust what I heard/seen on the news and began going to the platform for truthful news. There are numerous examples if you do research on the platform, Grok is the AI on 𝕏 which is available to everyone to ask any question you want about current events. (Before we had to have a verified account to obtain access.)

Robby and Landon Starbuck left Hollywood to produce a documentary called "War On Our Children" that was eye-opening and chilling at the same time. Upon it's release, we could only watch on 𝕏.

Now being streamed at

Journalists like Tucker Carlson, John Stossel are seeing the benefits of unfiltered, uncensored reporting and no longer have the freedom to broadcast at networks because advertising dollars are blinding the quest for true reporting because it doesn't fit MSM.

Hopefully you are aware of mass immigration, violence throughout our nation with Biden doing absolutely nothing but encouraging this to build his voter network and buying their loyalty through free food, free hotels, free home stays and jobs.

This bill was just posted today about what our Congress has been up to last night.

"Slipped in there is $400k from our taxes funneled to Briarpatch Youth Services.

Briarpatch YS gives 13-year-old kids chest binders, tuck equipment, "counseling" all WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. This was requested by Senator Baldwin.

Page 146:

There is a movement mobilizing women to stand up against this fight over our children and 1M women are convening at our nation's capital in the fall.


Child trafficking, pedophilia grooming, transgender, rape, torture, ritual sacrifice, organ harvesting, abortions and Adrenochrome all happening to millions of innocent children led by an Elite group of Pedophiles. Netflix and Amazon refused to expose this.

@ElonMusk and @IvankaTrump are joining the fight to win this war against our innocent children. Millions around the world are waking up to the horrific truth that our children are being targeted by Top Elite wealthy Bloodlines known as the Committee of 300. The Sound of Freedom was filmed 5 years ago and a strong effort was made to make sure this film never reached the public's eyes. Amazon and Netflix refused to show this movie years ago. This delay in the movie has cost the lives and freedom of millions of innocent children who are trafficked every year. Politicians and peoples from all levels of society around the world are all involved in this war against our children. This a fight for our civilization and the lives of our children. The media which is controlled by the wealthy Pedophile Oligarchs have been hiding this from the public for years, but that all ends now. Epstein Island was not the only child sex trafficking island, there are many child sex trafficking islands and Tim Ballard takes down one of them in the true story of Sound of Freedom. This movie will motivate hundreds of whistleblowers to reveal what is really going on in the world. This film will help us win this war. The United States is the number one consumer of child sex in the world. Mexico is the number one provider. 60% of all child pornography consumed in the world is produced in Mexico. Look at what is happening at the border right now. Where is Joe Biden? Why are the officials of Mexico and the United States not at the border trying to save the children? Because they are all involved. It's going to take the people to end this war against our children. U.S. Health and Human Services whistleblower testifies under oath that 85,000 unaccompanied migrant children are being trafficked for sex and labor through a sophisticated network that begins with recruiting in home countries and ends when HHS delivers the child to an unchecked Sponsor who could be anyone. She goes on to testify that "the United States Government has become the middleman in a large scale multi billion dollar child trafficking operation that is run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of innocent children." Live child trafficking video footage from the U.S. border shows this horrible truth. Over 2 million innocent children every year are trafficked and sold for sex, rape, and torture. You need to understand that when an adult male rapes a child they rip this little child's body apart and it must be sown back together over and over again. Why has child sex trafficking become the number one criminal network in the world? Because the demand to have sex with children is growing and because unlike a bag of cocaine which can only be sold once, a child's little body can be sold by the minute and up to 20 to 30 times a day. What if this was your child being brutally raped over and over again? These children are suffering the worst type of life on earth. We must all fight this war and be soldiers, soldiers for the children who need us to rescue them and give them their lives and freedom back. @oracle @americascup @delta @flysfo @singaporeair @emirates @thedutchgoosemenlo @nyslicepizzamenlo @mtmikespizzamenlopark @linkedin #delta @forbes #barrons @barrons #sothebys @sothebys #wsj @sanjosesharks @sfgiants @49ers @nfl @nba @pga #paloalto #atherton #woodside #portolavalley #hillsborough #sanfrancisco #bayarea #siliconvalley @wsj #nytimes @nytimes #latimes @latimes #chicagotribune #forbes @chicagotribune @pga @rosewoodsandhill #menlopark

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