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Surprise Valentine! I understand the basics of American Football!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

For my dear sisters from countries than the United States, here's a quick little cheat sheet as a Valentine gift to your football fan.

Sunday, Feb 12, 2023 and begins with a kickoff decided by a coin toss by the referee between 2 opposing players, begins at 4:30p (PST) and will go for about 3.5 hours.

2023 is Superbowl LVII = 57th year of the champion and final football game by teams in the NFL - National Football League for the season until the fall.

Superbowl bling for the winning team players

2023 Teams playing:

Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs

Being played at Glendale, Arizona

There are several referees on the field. They whistle when a foul is made which pauses the game. Then usually a hand gesture with an explanation of what the foul is, who fouled (which team) and what the penalty is.

On YouTube, what's not allowed, "Greatest NFL Ejections":

HUGE marketing dollars for ads during half-time: approximately $6-7M for a 30 second commercial

Superbowl Entertainment: new mom and Barbados(Caribbean) born, Rhianna

Playing field: 100 yards

Goal is to make as many points as possible crossing into the end zone (ends of field), called "touchdown". When the team has possession of the ball, their Offensive team which includes the quarterback (QB) is the part of the team that is advancing the ball.

The opposite team's "defense" tries to stop the opposing team from gaining any yardage and ultimately tried to take possession of the ball.

4 chances, called "downs" to make at least 10 yards until they make a touchdown

The quarterback can either throw the ball and a receiver catches it to gain yardage faster, or give it to a runner who makes as much yardage as possible before getting tackled.

Each team starts with a starting point called the scrimmage line.

The player in the middle "center" passes the ball to the quarterback who will either throw the ball, hand the ball to a receiver, hand it to a running back, or may even run the ball himself, all to gain yardage towards at gaining as much yardage as possible.

(The NFL blocked the ability to post the following videos here, but worth checking out these links):

On YouTube, "The Best Throws in NFL history"

On YouTube, "Longest Passing Plays in NFL":

On YouTube, "The Most Insane NFL Catches":

On YouTube, "Longest Field Goals in NFL History"

On YouTube, "NFL Most Athletic Plays of all time:

If a team doesn't think they can make a touchdown on the 4th attempt, they can try kicking the ball through field goals which are located in the end zones on each end of the football field to gain 1 extra point.


On YouTube, "Every Super Bowl Celebration":

On YouTube, "Top 20 Super Bowl Halftime Shows:

Hope you find this helpful!

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