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Trevor's surging with 5 clients!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas with loved ones, whether in person or digitally this year. Just think of life pre-internet, skype, zoom, facetime and trying to connect, especially during the holidays.

I'm pleased to announce that while I picked up a temporary part-time flex position with Amazon Whole Foods as an in-store shopper, Trevor has been surging ahead in his real estate career.

We have been blessed with clients contacting us. One couple are newlyweds and first-time buyers. We were in contract but then the sellers raised their price over the appraisal, so we moved them to a new home under construction which will be completed next year.

Another couple that plans on retiring next year also bought new construction with us, completion next year.

Another first time buyer, all cash, is writing an offer today.

Two other of Trevor's high school and college friends contacted him. One is also a first time buyer and the other may be selling their home in southern California.

It has been thoroughly enjoyable to observe my children pursuing their passions and spending the Christmas holidays together.

My daughter's boyfriend, also a chef, recently moved from New Jersey to be with her here in California and it was delightful to spend time with my kids and their significant other and their families.

Two American Airline friends have completed their Staging certifications and will be launching their website next month - G&K Staging Company.

It has also been a blessing to serve the local communities, whether through the Los Altos, The Alameda, Stevens Creek - Cupertino and Blossom Hill stores with groceries. A local radio d.j. thanked all front line workers and those who go out and wear masks all day long to serve, which brought me to tears. Yes, it's a tremendous risk to leave the comfort and safety of home and risk the covid-19 exposure daily, not knowing if and how others observe safety protocols for minimum wage, but I've met so many interesting co-workers, students, retirees and am grateful. It's also humbling to accept a position that's far below my skill sets, but as I reflect on God humbling Himself to become Jesus as man in flesh and I am but clay, "this too shall pass."

Congratulations to all of our clients, as well as those that have recently contacted us to make some moves. We're excited and thankful to be working with you in the future and for life. Marching ahead into the new year.

And, we're never too busy for your referrals!

@johnmackey @jeffbezos @wholefoods

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